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Jacob Willie


I received a PhD in biology from Ghent University (Belgium), where I am currently affiliated as a Post-doctoral Research Associate. I have a background in ecology and conservation biology, and extensive field experience in Cameroon, where I have been deeply involved in the research and conservation activities of the Centre for Research and Conservation of the Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp since 2006. I have successfully designed and led several projects, resulting in extensive project management experience. I have trained many master’s and PhD students from a number of universities. I am passionate about integrated, science-based conservation actions for maximum conservation impacts. I aim to understand the influences of environmental and human factors on species and ecosystems in order to provide science-based evidence that informs natural resource management and promotes sustainability. My research topics are both fundamental and applied, and include disciplines such as wildlife and forest ecology, applied ecology, environmental science, and natural resource sociology. I favour research topics that bridge the gap between knowledge and action, with the potential to yield results that can be fully translated into action on the ground. Experience in practical conservation includes the setup of a hunting management plan in a community forest, capacity-building for local wildlife management committees, environmental education and sensitization, and anti-poaching efforts.

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