Jack Cerchiara

Jack A Cerchiara


PhD in Biology Seeking Post-Doctoral, Research or Faculty Position in Aging, Physiology, or Physiological Ecology.

Anatomy & Physiology Animal Behavior Cell Biology Ecology Science & Medical Education Science Policy Zoology

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Post Doctoral Research Scientist

University of Washington
June 2015
Studying telomeres and corticosteroids in Magellanic penguins. The goal of the study is to determine how basal levels of stress hormones vary in response to aging and life stressors in a very long-lived bird species. We also seek to determine if these levels are correlated with the maintenance of telomeres we observed in adult penguins. - Designing, Troubleshooting & Operation of detailed lab protocol to maximize usable samples from remote field station. - Mentoring Graduate Students and Undergraduates - Collaborating with Zoos and Aquariums to collect whole blood and plasma samples. - Publication Writing & Presentations

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