Jacyra Soares
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Jacyra Soares


Degree in Meteorology from University of São Paulo (1983), Master in Oceanography (Physical Oceanography) from University of São Paulo (1989) and PhD from University of Southampton, England (1994). In 1995 held postdoctoral activities in the Oceanographic Institute at USP. Experience in Physical Oceanography and Meteorology, with emphasis on numerical modelling and in situ observations of air-sea interaction (oceanic and atmospheric turbulence) and micrometeorology (Planetary boundary layer, turbulence, radiation and energy balances, turbulent fluxes). Study of the atmosphere and ocean in Equatorial and Antarctic regions.

Data Science Environmental Contamination & Remediation Environmental Impacts Food, Water & Energy Nexus Spatial & Geographic Information Science

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Assistent Professor

Universidade de São Paulo
August 1995
Atmospheric Sciences
Meteorology; Physical Oceanography; Air-sea interaction.

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