Jill MacKay
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Jill RD MacKay


I am a Research Fellow in veterinary education with an broad range of interests including student-staff interactions, human-animal interactions, digital cultures and personality research. My PhD looked at how personality traits in cattle could be observed in big data systems. I became interested in education research working for the EU FP7 funded Animal Welfare Indicators project designing learning objects for the knowledge transfer aspect of the project. I have been involved in a number of knowledge exchange initiatives including Massive Open Online Courses and YouTube ventures which has led me to writing a popular science book about animal personality.

Agricultural Science Animal Behavior Evolutionary Studies Science & Medical Education Veterinary Medicine Zoology

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Research Fellow

University of Edinburgh
June 2016
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
My principle role is the development and support of educational research projects at R(D)SVS. I have a focus on interdisciplinary methodology and am particularly interested in staff-student relationships in digital spaces, how we measure student experience, and the relationship between qualitative and quantitative responses.

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