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Jyoti Prakash Pani


I Dr Jyoti Prakash Pani have research interest upon nano toxicity with different nano particle toxicity upon vital organs of the body especially hepatotoxicity, neurotoxicity and nephro toxicity. I have a strong desire to do research on ameliorative effect of silver nanoparticles upon malignant cells. Exactly I want to see the effect of nanoparticle coated anti cancerous drug on different malignant cells of body.My special abilities are I am a hard working, trustworthy, sincere researcher my special abilities are histology, con focal microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. I got 2 times best paper award in 61th Uttarpradesh chapter Anatomical Society of India conference held in Muzapharnagar and 19th World congress of clinical nutrition conference held in Preventive and Social Medicine Department IMS BHU Varanasi UP. My major achievement is my abstract was accepted in 7th International Symposium of Clinical and Applied Anatomy Bratislava Slovakia of Central Europe and it was published in Revista Anatomica. I have 7 international scholarity publications and 3 book chapters. So looking upon my research experience and career goals evaluates me the perfect candidate for this position.
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Dr Jyoti Prakash Pani

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