Jonathan A Newman


I study plant, fungal, and insect ecology, primary in grasslands and agroecosystems, in the context of climate change and invasive species. I used genomic, metabolomic, experimental, and mathematical modelling techniques. I have been an editor for Journal of Ecology (2005-2015), and for Animal Ecology (2006-2015). I have been on the editorial boards of Behavioral Ecology and Global Change Biology. I am the lead author of the 2011 book: Climate Change Biology (CABI), and am the lead author of the forthcoming 2017 book: Defending Biodiversity: Environmental Science and Ethics (CUP). David Gibson and I are co-editing the forthcoming book: Grasslands and Climate Change (BES Ecological Reviews Series, CUP), due out in 2018.

Biodiversity Ecology Entomology Ethical Issues Mathematical Biology Plant Science

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University of Guelph
August 2004
Integrative Biology
I am an ecologist. I study climate change and invasive species, largely in the context of plant-animal-fungal interactions in temperature grasslands. My work spans molecular biology, metabolomics, field ecology, and mathematical and statistical modelling.


University of Oxford
April 1990 - August 1994

Assistant Professor

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
August 1994 - December 1998


University of Oxford
January 1999 - August 2004

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