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John W Moreau


Dr. Moreau is a geomicrobiologist who studies how microorganisms influence the form and mobility of nutrients and contaminants in soil, sediments and groundwater. He is particularly interested in the roles of iron- and sulfur-cycling bacteria, and their interactions with toxic metals such as mercury, arsenic and uranium. His group works on problems involving microbes in wetlands, mines, hot springs, the ocean, and the deep subsurface, and employs a range of techniques including metagenomics, electron microscopy, and synchrotron spectroscopy. Moreau obtained his Ph.D from the University of California, Berkeley in 2006, was a U.S. National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow at the U.S. Geological Survey from 2006-2008, and is currently a Sr. Lecturer and Director of the Environmental Microbiology Research Initiative (EMRI) at the University of Melbourne.

Biogeochemistry Biological Oceanography Coupled Natural & Human Systems Ecosystem Science Environmental Contamination & Remediation Environmental Sciences Microbiology Soil Science

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Sr. Lecturer (equivalent U.S. Assoc Professor)

University of Melbourne
August 2008
School of Earth Sciences

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