Jason Brown

Jason L Brown


As a youth, he explored the outdoors of rural South Dakota developing his love for amphibians and nature. He fostered these interests by majoring in biology at Moorhead State University Minnesota and then took the academic road, getting his Ph.D in Interdisciplinary Studies in Biology from East Carolina University in 2009.

Since 2003, Jason spent over 32 months in the field studying and observing tropical amphibians, traveling much of Central and South America and Madagascar. His main research has focused on the behavioral ecology, phylogeography and taxonomy of neotropical poison frogs. His interests in poison frogs existed before his academic career, and continue to deepen with his growing knowledge of their seemingly endless phenotypic variation and complex mating, parental care and social behaviors.

Animal Behavior Biodiversity Biogeography Genetics

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Southern Illinois University at Carbondale


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