Johann G. Zaller


We investigate whether and how environmental changes influence organismic interactions in ecosystems. We focus on interactions between animals and plants, sometimes fungi and microorganisms are included. Environmental factors considered in our research include effects of landscape structure (less structured vs. highly structured landscapes), global changes (atmospheric CO2 concentration, solar warming, changes in rainfall patterns, invasive species etc.) or agricultural management (fertilisation, soil cultivation, pesticides). We utilise both traditional and modern scientific methods (measuring abundances and activities, stable isotope tracers, citizen science) and work on different levels of complexity in the field, in the greenhouse or the laboratory.

Agricultural Science Biodiversity Biosphere Interactions Climate Change Biology Ecology Ecosystem Science Ecotoxicology Environmental Sciences Natural Resource Management Soil Science

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Assoc. Prof.

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna
Institute of Zoology, Department of Integrative Biology and Biodiversity Research

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November 1, 2016
1 citation
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