João Barreiros

João P Barreiros


I received a Ph.D. in Biology/Animal Ecology from the University of the Azores (2001) where I also completed my Aggregation degree in Ethology (2008). I am currently working in the IBBC group of cE3c. I am a professor of several curricular units at the University of Azores with emphasis on Animal Behaviour, Marine ecology/Biology and technical CUs such as Diving and Navigation. My research focuses amphi-Atlantic fish ecology, namely Macaronesia, Gulf of Guinea and Brazil. Other aquatic predators, especially within the Amazon basin. East Africa (Mozambique) and studying crocodilians (Caribbean, Africa, S America). Also studying conflicts between wild animals and humans.

Aquaculture, Fisheries & Fish Science Biodiversity Biogeography Ecology Ecosystem Science Environmental Sciences Evolutionary Studies Marine Biology Veterinary Medicine Zoology

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Aggregate Professor

University of the Azores, Portugal
October 1991
Faculty of Agrarian and Environmental Sciences

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