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I was selected as the top science student at UC Berkeley and have advanced projects in 9 different labs. Trained as a MD/PhD, my expertise covers a range of fields and some of my work includes major contributions to small RNA biology and survival analyses with TCGA data. I believe that the best science is performed outside of academia free from its perverse incentives, and as a result I left academia and started my independent career. I contribute to the open science movement by making all of my work publicly available either through blog posts, videos, preprints, or data repositories, and by submitting my publications to PeerJ Preprints instead of prestigious for-profit journals. In addition, I created PrePubMed, "a PubMed for preprints", to help validate the preprint movement.

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28 May 2016

Hi, I know you have an excel file to perform GRIM calculations, but because of the usefulness of the test I added a version of the test to PrePubMed, which also allows for visualiz...

16 Jul 2016

Dr. Gang Chen notified me on July 13th that some LUSC patients had their vital status listed incorrectly. I confirmed the problem and immediately opened an issue on the GitHub rep...

28 Dec 2016

I realized how to apply granularity testing to test statistics, i.e. the fabled GRIMMEST test. I blogged about it here: The post ha...