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Juan A Sanchez


Juan A. Sánchez (Marine Biologist, M.Sc., Ph.D.), has been actively working on coral reef research and marine ecology since 1994. He was a Fulbright doctoral grantee (1998-2002, State University of New York-Buffalo) with an ample trajectory in research and consultancy, and experience in the molecular and environmental areas including postdoctoral training in the USA (Smithsonian Institute, 2002-2003) and New Zealand (National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research, 2003-2004). Currently, Dr. Sanchez has a full professor position at the University of the Andes (Bogotá, Colombia) directing the Marine Molecular Ecology and Phylogenetics laboratory, first of its kind in Colombia. His research interests range from octocorals phylogenetics and genomics to Symbiodinium and Ostreobium molecular ecology. Current research interests are centered in the interaction between ecology and evolution. In addition, he has worked on projects in systematics and community ecology and has an increasing interest in marine conservation biology. His research follows an integrative approach with strong field, lab and computer components and he has started to use technical diving (Closed Circuit Rebreather-Trimix) to promote his fieldwork.

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Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia
Biological Sciences

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