Alexandra van der Geer
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Alexandra A.E. van der Geer


My education is in Palaeontology, Indology (Languages and Cultures of South Asia) and Veterinary Medicine. I started my career with archiving historical archaeological photographs. As a postdoctoral research fellow, I investigated the depiction and role of animals in art in South Asia during the past 4 millenia (ethnozoology). Since the early 2000s, my research focus is on the evolution and extinction of mammals in isolation, including island biogeography and island ethnozoology. Other fields of interests are developmental aspects of the vertebral column and the interface between material culture and the natural environment.

Biodiversity Biogeography Evolutionary Studies Paleontology

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Guest Researcher

Naturalis Biodiversity Center
April 2010
Focus group Endless Forms

Guest Researcher

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
December 2004
Department of Geology and Historical Geology

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