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The research group of associate professor Irma Järvelä works in close collaboration with experts in bioinformatics, music education and in clinical research to identify genetic variants underlying traits affecting both normal and abnormal brain development.
I Biological basis of musical aptitude
The project represent an interdisciplinary project where the modern methods of molecular and statistical genetics, bioinformatics and music education are combined to elucidate the cross-talk between genes and cultural inheritance in music perception and production. The study represents a pioneer work at international level in aiming to understand the evolution of human cognitive functions in music.
II Molecular genetics of intellectual disability
Intellectual disability (IQ<70) is present in 2-3% of the populations. Genetic factors are responsible for 50 % of severe mental retardation. We use exome sequencing to identify novel genes and mutations in Finnish families with ID of unknown cause.

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March 12, 2015
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