Ian Walsh
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Ian David Walsh


Director of Science at Sea-Bird Scientific, an international supplier of oceanographic and aquatic research and monitoring instruments. Dr. Walsh conducts research on and with optical and biogeochemical instruments and data systems. Prior to joining Sea-Bird, Dr. Walsh was a research scientist and professor at Texas A&M University and Oregon State University, participating in many large international and interdisciplinary research efforts, and authoring more than twenty five widely cited research papers.

Research interest include:

* Particle dynamics, including the use of the particle field to understand biogeochemical processes and the influence of physical forcing on those processes.
* Carbon fluxes and fates including predictive modeling.
* Development of instrumentation and systems for operational and climate scale monitoring of biogeochemical processes in marine and fresh waters.
* Development of quality control algorithms for autonomous and remote instruments and date sets.
* Developing in situ instrumentation and methodologies for crude oil detection and discrimination from non-oil organic substances.

Aquatic & Marine Chemistry

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Director of Science

Sea-Bird Scientific
May 2002

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