Iain J. Reid


Semi-amateur scientists in schooling. Focuses mainly on basal taxa, sauropods, and phylogenetic analysis. Many projects started, few completed.

Biogeography Computational Biology Ecology Evolutionary Studies Paleontology Taxonomy Zoology

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Rutland Senior Secondary School


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24 Jul 2017

Wonderful paper here. Very in-depth discussion and description (more than in Yun 2017). However, it might be worth noting that "Teihivenator" is a nomen nudum as of yet since no Zo...

28 Jan 2017

A little more details on why you interpreted the osteoderm locations as they appear here would be appreciated. Osteoderm "E" may be in an incorrect location, or the unknown oste...

25 May 2017

This is not a comment on the results of the paper so much as it is constructive criticism on the presentation of the phylogenetic analysis through the figures and the text. The sim...