Hsiao-Yi Lee

Hsiao-Yi Lee


2005/2 ~ National Kaousiung University of
Applied Sciences Kaousiung, Taiwan
Associate dean of college of electrical engineering and computer science
Chairman of electrical engineering department
Full professor / Department of electrical Engineering.
1999/10 ~ 2006/02 Delta Electronics Chung-Li industrial park, Taiwan
Senior Optics Consultant
Responsible for projection lens design and illumination system design of projectors.
Responsible for design of LCD backlight with LED source.
Responsible for training engineering / production staff of video display business unit.
Successfully developed a pico-projector with LED source.

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National Kaousiung University of Applied Sciences
Department of Electrical Engineering
Expertise in ZEMAX, TracePro, Dialux and SolidWorks professional optical/mechanical design software. Expertise in 2D lighting measurement technologies. Expertise in Moire metrology Expertise in optical signal processing, such as optical holography, optical computing and nonlinear optics. Expertise in solar power management and smart battery charging technologies. Multi-lingual: Fluent speaking and writing in English, Mandarin, and Taiwanese


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