Harold Mapoma

Harold Wilson Tumwitike Mapoma


I am an academician with experience in environmental sciences. My main research focus is reactive transport modeling of trace elements in groundwater. The modeling tools (being) used in these studies are PHREEQC, MT3DMS, TOUGHREACT and PHT3D where as the pre-/post-processing softwares and data analysis is accomplished through Visual MODFLOW, GMS, Aquachem, Petrasim, Surfer, IBM Statistics, Systat and OriginPro.

I have authored (& co-authored) papers in and reviewed manuscripts for reputable journals. I have also edited/ co-edited some local academic text books.

Ecosystem Science Environmental Sciences Statistics

Work details

Senior Lecturer in Process Technology

University of Malawi, The Polytechnic
November 2003
Physics and Biochemical Sciences

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