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Helen M Roe


Dr Helen Roe is a Reader in Physical Geography in the School of Natural and Built Environment, Queen's University Belfast. She received her PhD (Quaternary palaeoecology) from the University of Cambridge.

Her research interests centre around the reconstruction of late Quaternary environmental change in wetlands and coastal environments.   Major research foci include (i) applications of benthic protozoans (e.g. testate amoebae and foraminifera) and diatoms in biomonitoring and restoration; (ii) the use of palaeoecological, palaeolimnological and geochemical approaches for understanding long-term climate and sea-level change; iii) use of quantitative, multi-proxy techniques to aid palaeoenvironmental reconstruction.  

She is an Adjunct Research Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada and a Co-Director of the Queen's University Centre of Canadian Studies.

Biogeography Biosphere Interactions Climate Change Biology Conservation Biology Ecohydrology Ecosystem Science

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