Herbert Liebermann

Herbert E.H. Liebermann


Born in 1939; study of physics at the Karl Marx University Leipzig from 1958 to 1963; 1968 promotion to Dr.rer.nat in physics at the Friedrich Loeffler Institute (FLI) for Animal Epidemic Research Isle of Riems and at the Ernst Moritz Arndt-University of Greifswald; 1975 promotion to Dr.sc.nat.(Generell Virology) at the German Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Berlin, German Democratic Republic; postgradual study of biotechnology at the University Halle-Wittenberg from 1988 to 1990; scientific research assistent and leader of the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the FLI Isle of Riems from 1965 to 1991; project leader at the institute for Medical Mikrobiology at the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität Greifswald from 1992 to 1999; leader of research and development at the Varicula Life Science AG in Greifswald from 2000 to 2004; since 5/2004 pensioner, until now member of the scientific committee of the Varicula Life Science AG/Biotec GmbH; more than 100 scientific publications partially in leading international scientific journals up to 2009.

Biochemistry Biophysics Molecular Biology Virology

Work details

Project leader and scientific coworker

Institute for Medical Microbiology at theEMA-University Greifswald
June 1992 - January 1999
Optimazition of the purification of human adenoviruses; determination of receptor binding sites and antigenic epitopes on the fiber knob of different adenovirus types; induction of specific antibodies against fiber protein of adenoviruses by synthetic peptides

research assistent and later leader of the department

Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut für Tierseuchenforschung Insel Riems bei Greifswald
November 1965 - December 2001
Biochemie und Biophysik
Biochemical and biophysical characterization of animal viruses

Leader for research and development

Varicula Biotec GmbH Willem-Kolff-Platz 1 D-17166 Teterow
April 2000 - April 2004
research and development
One question was: May the anti-RiV ELISA detect a pathologic cell proliferation? Contributions for characterization of RiV-preparations.(RiV: reaction pattern in vertebrate cells)

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