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Hélène Bachelard


Research Interests: 1- Insulin resistance and "metabolic syndrome" and their involvement in cardiovascular disease. 2- Role of kinins and their two receptors (B1 and B2) in cardiovascular disease and circulatory changes (such as angioedema) and characterization of the cardiovascular effects of novel receptor ligands.
Research Experience Summary: Longstanding interest in the cardiometabolic syndrome and the CV consequences of insulin resistance (IR) in rat models. Characterization of the deleterious
effects of a high fat, high sucrose diet (HFHS) on vascular and metabolic homeostasis, and demonstration of the importance of NO, from eNOS enzyme, in this balance. Demonstration of the ability of a short term HFHS diet to induce oxidative stress, which would likely cause enhanced ROS-mediated NO sequestration, contributing to
metabolic and vascular dysfunctions. Through functional studies in rats, we reported a concomitant association between the blood flow effect of insulin and its glucoregulatory actions, and provided strong evidence of a complex interplay between endothelial dysfunction and IR. Over the last 4 years, we focused on the role of kinins and their receptors in CV disease. We conducted pharmacological studies to characterize in rats the CV effects of new B1 and B2 receptor ligands.

Diabetes & Endocrinology Pharmacology

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Laval University

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