Guido Grimm
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Guido Grimm


1994 Vordiplom Chemistry, University of Tübingen
1996 Vordiplom Geology/Palaeontology, University of Tübingen
1997 Vordiplom Biology, University of Tübingen
1999 Diplom Geology/Palaeontology, University of Tübingen
2003 Dr. rer. nat. [Ph.D.], University of Tübingen
2003-2005 Postdoc in DFG-funded project (PI: Vera Hemleben, Tübingen)
2005-2008 Postdoc in DFG-funded project (PI: me, Tübingen)
2008-2009 Postdoc in VR-funded project (PI: Else Marie Friis, Stockholm)
2009-2013 ForsAss, VR-funded (personal grant, Stockholm)
2014 Postdoc (VR-funded projects, PIs: Thomas Denk, Else Marie Friis), then unemployed and freelancer
2015-2016 FWF-Stipendiate (Lise Meitner mobility programme, Wien, Austria)
2017 Out-of-business

Biodiversity Biogeography Bioinformatics Evolutionary Studies Genetics Genomics Paleontology Plant Science Taxonomy

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