Gilbert Fruhwirth

Gilbert O Fruhwirth


Gilbert O Fruhwirth studied Chemistry specializing in Biochemistry and Biotechnology at Graz University of Technology (Austria) and graduated with honors from the same institution with a PhD in Biochemistry/Cell Biology in 2005. He then moved as a postdoc to the Randall Division of King's College London (UK) and in 2009 joined the Comprehensive Cancer Imaging Centre at King's College London (KCL) & UCL; while enthused by cancer cell metastasis he delivered various cell biological discoveries and acquired significant expertise in biophysics and its principles for studying the underlying mechanisms of human diseases like cancer on a molecular, cellular and whole-organism level. In addition to his experience in biophysical chemistry, chemical biology and cell biology, he has significant experience in imaging. Furthermore, he developed combined imaging techniques for multi-scale multi-modal whole-body tracking of cancer metastasis in vivo. He was appointed Lecturer in Imaging Biology at the Department of Imaging Chemistry and Biology at KCL in 2013. Since then he built and leads a Cancer Imaging research group of >6 scientists.

Biochemistry Biophysics Cell Biology Molecular Biology Oncology Radiology & Medical Imaging

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Lecturer in Imaging Biology

King's College London, University of London
April 2013


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