Geert Crombez


Geert Crombez initiated research in experimental psychopathology, learning psychology, and health psychology at Ghent University, and he further facilitated the growing of research in these areas to maturity. He is (co)-author of key publications in these areas with a large impact. Currently, he is coordinating the research on the psychology of health and ill-health. Theoretical models and constructs are transdiagnostic, and easily applicable to different health or clinical problems. Foundational is a motivational perspective that is built around the powers of goals and self-regulation. This perspective allows different levels of analysis (neuroscientific, cognitive, behavioral and interpersonal), and is applicable to a wide range of health-related problems (healthy life style, treatment adherence, psychosomatic illness and chronic illnesses).

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Professor of Health Psychology

Facutly of Psychology and Educational Sciences
Experimental-Clinical and Health Psychology

Professor of Health Psychology

Ghent University
Experimental-Clinical and Health Psychology


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