Greer A Dolby


I’m an evolutionary biologist specializing in how geological processes influence genetic-genomic evolution of populations and species. I study how physical processes (e.g., tectonics, sediment processes, sea-level change) shape the evolution of coastal marine and desert species (~15–0 Ma). I'm drawn to interdisciplinary projects where the physical and biological aspects can be integrated to inform each other. The Pacific-Gulf of California and North American southwest are prime settings for this work.

Biogeography Bioinformatics Biosphere Interactions Evolutionary Studies Genomics Spatial & Geographic Information Systems

Work details

Postdoctoral Research Assocaite

Arizona State University
September 2017
School of Life Sciences

PhD student/candidate

University of California, Los Angeles
September 2008 - December 2015
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


PeerJ Contributions