Guangdong Yang
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Guangdong Yang


Dr. Yang’s research focuses on a group of gasotransmitters, especially H2S, in the regulation of cellular functions and human diseases. Dr. Yang has received numerous awards and recognitions, including New Investigator award from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and Maureen Andrew Award from Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario. In his career, Dr. Yang has published ~100 peer-reviewed research articles, some of them published in high-impact journals, including as Science, Circulation, PNAS, and EMBO report etc. Their total citations are 5,951 (April 26, 2017).

Agricultural Science Biochemistry Biotechnology Cardiology Cell Biology Dermatology Developmental Biology Diabetes & Endocrinology Gastroenterology & Hepatology Metabolic Sciences Molecular Biology Oncology

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Laurentian University of Sudbury
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