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Georg Steinert


My Ph.D. research focused on the analysis of the diversity and specificity of sponge-associated microbial communities of temperate and tropical sponges. For instance, I evaluated the feasibility of in vivo inoculation of sponge-specific bacteria via the diffusion-growth-chamber (DGC) technique for subsequent laboratory cultivation experiments. During this time I was a member of the Environmental Biochemistry Working Group at the ICBM-Terramare in Wilhelmshaven (Germany), with a short-term visit at the Centre for Microbial Innovation (Auckland, New Zealand). Now, I work on the establishment of a technology platform for the use of sponge-derived bioactive compounds as part of the BluePharmTrain project as a Post-Doc at Wageningen University (The Netherlands). In addition, I will further investigate sponge-microbe interactions for a better understanding of the functional roles of microbial symbionts in their sponge-hosts.

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Wageningen University
Laboratory of Microbiology


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