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I have a Ph.D degree in Ecology from both University of Montpellier (FR) and Laval University (Qc, CA) under supervision of Gilles Gauthier and Roger Pradel. I studied demographical parameters in greater snow goose, an Arctic-nesting bird. This species is hunted the whole year, on Arctic ground by Native people, on staging ground in Quebec and on wintering ground in the USA. With my supervisor, we developed capture-recapture models to estimate juvenile survival and breeding propensity. In particular, we integrated a robust design sampling scheme into multi-event framework. Results from my studies were then used into management plan of snow geese in North-America.
During two post-doc positions (one in Montpellier at CNRS-CEFE with Roger Pradel & Céline Le Bohec on King penguin and one with Michael Schaub at Swiss Ornithological Institute on Northern lapwing), I kept developing specific capture-recapture models to fit particular situations. To study king penguin breeding strategies, we developed both memory and heterogeneity multi-event models, while when investigating impact of hunting on lapwing population, we developed a multi-state model to assess cause-specific mortality with uncertainty in recovery process.
I am now working at the French National Agency for Wildlife, investigating demographic parameters in game species.
My main research interest are both population dynamics' methodology and harvest management.

Animal Behavior Computational Biology Conservation Biology Ecology

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Researcher in Demography of harvested species

Office National de la Chasse et de la Faune Sauvage
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