Jaroslav Flegr
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Jaroslav Flegr


Born 12.3. 1958, Praha, Czech Republic
1977 1982, Faculty of Science Charles University, Praha. Study of Cytology, titles: Prom. biol., RNDr
1984 1987, Faculty of Science Charles University, Praha. postgradual study of Physiology, title: CSc. (PhD)
1985 1988, Faculty of Philosophy Charles University, postgradual study "Mathematical methods in experimental research“
1999- Associate professor in parasitology
2007 Full professor in ecology
Research grants: About 25 research grants, mostly as principal investigator.
Publications (2015): Five books, 117 papers, 2800 citations (WOS Core journals), h-index=28.
Teaching practice: From 1991 teach eight university lectures, including basic and advanced lectures of Evolutionary biology, Practical methodology of sciences and Molecular taxonomy.
Between 1991-2015 tutor or adviser of 37 diploma thesis and 18 dissertation thesis.
Other activities: 1992-1993 Member of scientific board of Laboratory of evolutionary biology Czechoslovak Academy of Science, 1994-1998 founder and Chairman of Board of Trustees of Biological Foundation, member of Czech Parasitological Society, member of editorial board of journal Vesmir a member of redaction board of Neuroendocrinology Letters. Chairman of Ethical Committee for Human Research of the Faculty of Science Charles University.
Major discoveries: Theory of frozen evolution, manipulation of Toxoplasma with human behavior, biological role of Rh polymorphism.

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Faculty of Science, Charles University
Biology Section, Faculty of Science