Alexei Finkelstein
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Alexei V. Finkelstein


Graduated from the Moscow Phys.-Tech. (1970, Hon. Diploma). Ph.D. in Biophysics (1976); D.Sc. in Biophysics (Moscow Univ. 1991). Full Professor (1997). Since 1970, member of the Laboratory of Protein Physics (headed by Prof. O.B. Ptitsyn) at the Institute of Protein Research, Russian Academy of Sciences. Graduate student (up to 1974), junior (1974-80), senior (1980-96), leading 1996-1999), chief (since 1999 г.) researcher. Head of the Laboratory of Protein Physics of this Institute since 1999.
Professor of the Moscow University since 1998. Professor of the Pushchino University (1993-98). Associate Professor of the Moscow Phys.-Tech. (1991-95). Visiting Professor at the Paris-Sud and New York Universities (1993-94). Soros Professor (2001).

Author of > 200 scientific papers and books "Protein Physics", published in Russian (four editions), English and Chinese (two editions), and "Physics of Protein Molecules" (in Russian). Citation index by Google Scholar: >6600, Hirsch index: 39.

Area of expertise: protein physics; theory of protein structures, folding and design; thermodynamics and kinetics of cooperative transitions in proteins and amyloids; molecular physics, molecular force fields; molecular biology; bioinformatics.

Awards from FIRCA, INTAS, CASP, HHMI (3 times), Moscow Grant, etc. Awarded by the State Prize of Russia (1999); Elected to the Russian Academy of Sciences (2008).


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Head of laboratory

Institute of Protein Research, Russian Academy of Science
Laboratory of Protein Physics

Lomonosov Moscow State University

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