Fidele Tugizimana

Fidele Tugizimana


I am currently a PhD Biochemistry candidate and research assistant at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. I am passionate about Science, particularly Biochemistry, metabolomics, host-pathogen molecular interactions, etc. My interests and expertise include biochemistry, chromatography (LC and GC), mass spectrometry, NMR, data analysis, Chemometrics, bioinformatics to name few. I hold a B.Sc. (Biochemistry-Chemistry), B.Sc. hons. (Biochemistry), M.Sc. cum laude (Biochemistry) degrees and a B.Phil. magna cum laude (Philosophy) degree. After science, I play piano and enjoy reading and nature.

Algorithms & Analysis of Algorithms Artificial Intelligence Biochemistry Bioinformatics Cell Biology Data Mining & Machine Learning Databases Ethical Issues Genetics Genomics Immunology Metabolic Sciences Pathology Plant Science Science Policy Statistics

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University of Johannesburg
Department of Biochemistry

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