Frederiek - Maarten Kerckhof


As of august, 2011 I got the amazing oportunity to work at the Laboratory of Microbial ecology and technology immediately after graduating as a master in Bioscience engineering - option cellular & genetic biotechnology with a major in computational biology. Apart from a solid background in machine learning, unsupervised learning & statistics and general modelling and bioinformatics programming I have a very profound interest in microbial ecology. I believe that the nexus of computational biology and computational techniques will be at the source of renewed insight and applications in microbial ecology.

My current research focusses on fluxes through methanotrophic consortia and is funded by a GOA from Ghent University. In a first work package, I am experimenting with several environmental stresses on mixed methanotrophic communities in order to accumulate valuable compounds from waste streams containing methane (e.g. biogas, syngas, ...).

Further workpackages will focus on ecosystems networking and optimization of methanotrophic associations. Using stable isotope probing I am investigating the carbon fluxes through methanotrophic communities

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