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Frederic J Pollock


Dr. Pollock is a microbiologist, ecologist and educator working in the field of marine conservation. As a Postdoctoral Scholar at Penn State University, he co-leads the Global Coral Microbiome Project (GCMP), and he is the Founding Director of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders in Marine Science (ATSIMS). Dr. Pollock works to develop the knowledge, tools and public will to preserve coral reef ecosystems. This includes addressing fundamental questions about the function, structure and evolution of coral-microbial symbioses - such as the degree to which corals and their microbial partners have co-evolved and the extent to which microbial symbionts contribute to the health and resilience of reef-building corals. Dr. Pollock also aims to understand the factors that increase coral disease susceptibility, which may include host species traits, microbiome properties and/or environmental drivers. Finally, he provides pathways into science for peoples from disparate ethnic, cultural and ideological backgrounds. As the Founding Director of ATSIMS, he empowers indigenous Australians to leverage traditional knowledge and modern technologies to better research and manage the coral reefs they have depended upon for tens of thousands of years.

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Postdoctoral Fellow

Pennsylvania State University
January 2015

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