Francis J. Ferrandino


Agricultural Scientist, Department of Plant Pathology and Ecology
Frank combines on-site weather measurement, inoculum quantification and epidemiological models to predict disease-risk in support of the winegrape industry in Connecticut and greater New England. His contribution to the Northern Grape Project is to examine the effects of training system, spacing, and pruning on the microclimate, disease susceptibility, productivity and fruit quality of northern winegrapes.

Aerial dispersal of fungal spores
Spatial and temporal epidemic models
Yield loss prediction
Stochastic simulation of dispersion processes
Sorption-desorption processes, Movement of pollutants in soil.
Powdery mildew on cucurbits and winegrapes, Septoria on tomato

Agricultural Science Computational Biology Epidemiology Mathematical Biology Plant Science Statistics

Work details

Agricultural Scientist

The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
June 1982
Plant Pathology and Ecology
Develops mathematical models of disease spread. Measures weather variables in relation to epidemics. Acts as liaison to the wine-grape grower community.

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