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Paraskevi Nomikou


Dr Nomikou Paraskevi, Assistant Professor of Physical Geography and Geological Oceanogrpahy has PhD in marine geodynamics (2004) and has participated in more than 70 oceanographic cruises that have focused on the study of submarine volcanism, mud volcanoes, landslides and slope stability and the exploration of seafloor mineral deposits. She has developed a unique understanding of the new-technological methods for deep-sea exploration and successfully integrated them into International research programs. More recently, she has played a leading role in the evaluation of the potential hazards associated with renewed volcanic activity at Santorini volcano in Greece in 2011. Her studies of the underwater area of the volcano where new earthquakes and deformation have been taking place are critical to the ongoing evaluation of future eruption scenarios. She has been a key-person for both local civil officials and the general population to understand the geological processes that might occur and what would be appropriate. She has also been involved in the study of economically important seafloor mineral deposits within the crater of the submarine volcano Kolumbo, off the coast of Santorini. She is focused in forming key research alliances between scientists in different disciplines thus creating powerful interdisciplinary synergies. Her involvement in various EU projects and high volume of publications has established strong collaborations with world-class institutions across Europe

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