Esme Chloé Dudoit

Esme Chloé Dudoit


Master of Engineering in Logistics student at MIT (M.Eng. Logistics)
Graduate of Chaminade University (Honolulu, HI) B.S in Intellectual Property Law for Engineers. Graduate of Stanford University, MSCS in Artificial Intelligence.

Algorithms & Analysis of Algorithms Artificial Intelligence Cryptography Data Mining & Machine Learning Digital Libraries Network Science & Online Social Networks Software Engineering

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Graduate student, Engineering (Research)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
January 2016
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science:
Developing very short codes or numerical representations that can be derived from individual images to enable automated cataloging of the billions of images on the Internet. Current to future applications of this work range from automatic indexing of digital images through downloadable software to making true machine vision possible in the future--enabling robots to make sense of visual (numeric) data from their cameras and use this to locate themselves.

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