Erdal Yaylak

Erdal Yaylak


Name-Surname :Erdal YAYLAK
Academic Title :Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Birth Date :03 March 1968
Nationality :Turkish
Gender :Male
Marital status :Married (Two Child)
Education Status:
Undergraduate Agriculture faculty-Animal Science Ege University 1989
Master’s Animal Science (Biometry-Genetic) Akdeniz University 1995
Doctoral Animal Science (Cattle Husbandry) Ege University 2003
Title of Thesis (Master): Genetic Parameters for Various Yield Characteristics in Quails.
Title of Thesis (PhD) : Researches on Some Physiological and Morphologıcal Traits of Holstein Cows Bred in Registered Herds in Ödemiş Region.
Foreign language: English (73.75/100 – Interuniversity Board Language Exam (UDS)-2006)

Agricultural Science

Work details

Assoc. Prof.Dr.

Süleyman Demirel Univ.
Animal Science Agriculture Faculty

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