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Emilio M Bruna


I use field experiments, long-term demographic studies, and simple mathematical models to study how habitat fragmentation and other anthropogenic landscape alterations influence plant-animal interactions and plant population dynamics. I conduct most of my research in South America’s two largest biomes: the Amazon and the Cerrado. I studyfactors influencing within- and between-country patterns of scientific productivity in Latin America and Latin American science and educational policy.

Conservation Biology Ecology

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University of Florida
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation & Center for Latin American Studies

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17 Apr 2014

Jack and Claudia - thank you for being the first authors to take advantage of Biotropica's new policy allowing the submission of articles previously deposited in pre-print archives...

05 May 2014

From Emilio Bruna: We were sent this quite useful feedback via email, so I am posting our reply here (anonymized and edited to protect the identity of the author). Hi ----, t...