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I got a master degree in Information and Comunication Technology Engineering at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", defending a thesis with subject "Statistical approach on oncogenomics: microRNA promoters analysis in relation to transcription factor NF-Y".
During and after the thesis period, I had a collaboration with the Experimental Council Research of Regina Elena Institute (Rome, Italy), dealing with the topics: univariate statistical analysis on miRNA promoters, genomic data retrieval-evaluation-processing, transcription start sites prediction and evaluation, consensus classes validation and simulation, position specific scoring matrix and sequence log construction.
For around three years, I had a research fellowship at the Institute of Food Sciences - National Research Council (Avellino, Italy), within the "INTEROMICS" Flagship Project, dealing with the topics: uni-multivariate statistical analysis on proteins, prediction modeld for structural features classification, mass spectrometry data analysis, proteomic data retrieval-evaluation-processing, sequence alignment, molecular docking, phylogenetic trees creation and evaluation.
Nowadays, I am a PhD Student at the University of Basilicata (Potenza, Italy) in Applied Biology, working on the thesis "Development of novel computational apporaches for ‘Omics’ data integration and analysis, with application to food diseases", and I am still in collaboration with the ISA-CNR of Avellino.

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Work details

PhD Student

University of Basilicata (Potenza, Italy)
November 2015
Department of Sciences

Research Fellow

Institute of Food Sciences, National Research Council (Avellino, Italy)
April 2013
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Laboratory