Du Lei

Du Lei


Graduated from the Medical University Of Chongqing School of public health, Department of preventive medicine, 2016 as assistant researcher of Social Sciences, health education, October 2013 -2015 month January in Chongqing as a project leader presided over the completion of the study of eastern and Western rational use of antibiotics and current situation of health education intervention China /WHO2012-2013 Bi annual health technology cooperation project ". The project has completed its research task according to the research plan. Two is the writing, the publication situation. On the "Chongqing city community residents rational use of antibiotic intervention results" published in the core journals of Chinese "Chinese health education" in 2016 second; on the "Chongqing city community medical staff in Chongqing city the rational use of antibiotic intervention results published in the" Chinese core journal "health education" in 2016 fourth. Three is the paper writing publication. The "based on PDCA circulation method in the perioperative health education management application" published in the general journal "China medical management science" in 2014 third; the "analysis" the application of health education management mode of hospital in the general journal "modern health" in 2015 first.

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