Janmejay Pandey

Janmejay Pandey


Dr. Janmejay Pandey is an active researcher in the field of Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology with specialization in Microbial Metabolism and Microbial Genetics. His primary area of research focuses on identification of gene(s) and gene cluster(s) involved in microbial metabolism of aromatic compounds and their application for development of whole cell and enzyme bio catalysis.

His current research interests include studies on (i) diversity of extremophilic actinobacteria, characterization of novel bio-actives and therapeutics; (ii) genomics and bioinformatics guided discovery of microbial pathogen specific small molecule inhibitors.

Biodiversity Biotechnology Environmental Sciences Genetics Genomics Microbiology Molecular Biology

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Assistant Professor (Teaching & Resaerch Guidance)

Central Uni. of Rajasthan
Department of Biotechnology, School of Life Sciecnes,

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