Dharmadi Dharmadi

Dharmadi Dharmadi


1981-1995 : - To do research some aspects of shrimp, mud crab and baramundi cultivation in the brackishwater pond, Coordination of shrimp cultivation, feeding and environmental management. 1996-2000 : Study on biologycal aspect of fish pelagic. 2001-2006 :Study on biology and fisheries aspect of artisanal shark and ray fisheries (as counterpart of research Collaboration between RCCF and ACIAR-SCIRO Australia), Coordination of research collaboration. 2006- until now : Study on biology, fisheries and management of shark and ray in Indonesia.

Aquaculture, Fisheries & Fish Science Conservation Biology Environmental Sciences Marine Biology

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Senior researcher

Research Center for Fisheries Management and Conservation
Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries