Domenico Capolongo
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Domenico Capolongo


Domenico Capolongo is associate professor of physical geography and geomorphology at University of Bari.

Research interests are in the field of geomorphology and environmental sciences.
In particular he studied the spatial and temporal distribution of erosion processes at different spatial and temporal scales in high rate evolving landscapes. The principal effort is an attempt to develop a better quantitative understanding of physical processes operating on the earth surface. He use some combination of theoretical, numerical and experimental approaches. Because the issue is to understand natural systems, integrating observations and field data (both of active processes and recorded in the geologic record) with theoretical and model results is also an essential component of his research.

He uses GIS, remote sensing and computer simulation as principal tool for qualitative and quantitative insight into this complex systems and as a virtual laboratory to explore theory by simulation.

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Associate professor of physical geography and geomorphology

University of Bari
earth and envinromental sciences


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