David Wedge
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David C Wedge


Group Leader in Cancer Genomics at the University of Oxford, Big Data Institute. I hold a BA in Chemistry from the University of Oxford, an MSc in Software Development from the University of Huddersfield and a PhD in Computing and Mathematics from Manchester Metropolitan University. I have previously worked as a researcher in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Metabolomics, Proteomics and Genomics at the University of Manchester and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. I have also previously taught in Primary Schools in schools in West Yorkshire.

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Group Leader in Cancer Genomics

University of Oxford
April 2016
Big Data Institute
The focus of my research is cancer evolution and heterogeneity. Primarily working with DNA sequencing data, I decipher the heterogeneity within primary and metastatic tumours in order to gain insights into the genomic factors that drive resistance to treatment, spread and metastasis.

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