David Rogowski

David Rogowski


My research interests are fairly broad, but revolve around ecology and evolution, primarily in aquatic systems. In particular, I am interested in how organisms, and ultimately how populations respond to their environment. I am interested in the importance of biotic and abiotic factors in structuring populations and communities. Differential tolerances to stressors such as salinity, pollution, or even invasive species can have both direct an indirect effects within a community. How populations and communities respond to these stressors can provide insight into evolutionary processes. A good portion of my research has centered on the effects of stressors on aquatic populations and communities, and species habitat associations. My current research focuses on applied issues related to the conservation and management of aquatic resources. Current areas of focus are on spring systems in the southwest (AZ, NM, TX) investigating the ecology and life history of springsnails and amphipods. Currently I work for the Arizona Game and Fish Department primarily conducting monitoring and research on fishes within the Colorado River within the Grand Canyon.

Aquaculture, Fisheries & Fish Science Conservation Biology Ecology Zoology

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