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David Marjanović

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Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin
February 2012

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12 Jan 2016

Two mentions of "Appendix-Table 4" actually refer to Appendix-Table 6. One of them correctly links to Appendix-Table 6 in this pdf. The reference "Ezcurra (2012)" is cited in th...

25 Feb 2016

The reference "Ruta (2011)" is cited in the text, but missing from the reference list; thanks to the reviewer Michael Buchwitz for pointing this out. It is: %%**Ruta, M. 2011.**...

12 Oct 2016

Oops. I informed M. Ruta and the other colleagues I had asked for the matrix file, but then kept forgetting to add this here for the last few turbulent months: the confusion about...

19 Jan 2017

PAUP* 4.0b10 has a bug that sometimes duplicates irreproducible numbers of most parsimonious trees. Consequently, the numbers of MPTs we report for Analyses R1, R2 and R4–R12 are w...

28 Mar 2017

The Nomenclature section states that the paper by Pereira Pacheco et al. (2016) was not registered in ZooBank. It was; the identifier is between the abstract and the keywords. I ma...

03 Apr 2017

Thanks to Brad McFeeters for pointing out that we cited Simmons (2011a, b) in the text (Why we only used maximum parsimony) but included only one Simmons (2011) in the references l...