David Edge

David Edge


Born at Ormskirk, Lancashire, UK on 22nd August 1943. Currently resident at Brenton-on-Sea, Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa.

Graduated from Cambridge University in 1965 as a mechanical engineer, and pursued a career in the mining industry.

Retired from engineering in 1993 and studied for a BSc in Zoology and Botany.

Obtained a PhD in Environmental Sciences in 2005 from North-West University, South Africa for research into the ecology and conservation of the Brenton Blue butterfly.

Currently the editor of the Lepidopterists’ Society of Africa’s Metamorphosis scientific journal, and leader of the Society’s COREL (Conservation of Rare and Endangered Lepidoptera) programme, which is executed by the Brenton Blue Trust.

Conservation Director for the Brenton Blue Trust.

Published as author or co-author over 25 scientific research articles, mostly on butterfly ecology and conservation.

Biodiversity Conservation Biology Ecology Ecosystem Science Entomology Environmental Sciences

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Conservation Director

Brenton Blue Trust

Lepidopterists' Society of Africa

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