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Danlin Yu


Dr. Yu is a geographic information scientist, locational strategist, quantitative urban geographer and environmental sustainability modeler by training. Dr. Yu’s study specifically focuses on geographic information analysis, cartographical design and presentation, statistical analysis, urban and regional planning and system dynamic modeling for complex systems (including environmental, urban, and regional systems). Dr. Yu has been working with geographic information analysis (mapping, statistical analysis, geocomputation, and methodological development) for over a decade. Dr. Yu has strong statistical analysis skills that are applied to urban and regional planning, public health, environmental management and population prediction. Moreover, Dr. Yu is a system dynamic modeler studying urban sustainability and environmental management. Dr. Yu currently serves as an associate editor of the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers)’s Journal of Urban Planning and Development. He is also the program director of Montclair State University’s graduate certificate of geographic information science.

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Professor of GIS and Urban Geography

Montclair State University
September 2005
Earth and Environmental Studies
Dr. Yu is a Full Professor of GIS and Urban Geography at the Department of Earth and Environmental Studies, Montclair State University. He is now the director of the Graduate Certificate Program of Geographic Information Science and undergraduate advisor for the Sustainability Science Program.

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