David A Wilkinson


Coming from a background of biochemistry and microbiology, I have branched out into the fields of molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genomics. The main focus of my work has been exploring associations between hosts and infecting microorganisms. My particular interest is in how microorganisms adapt to their hosts, and how this can be linked to emerging infectious disease. My research has focused on the role of wild animals and their arthropod vectors as reservoirs of disease. While in the past I have worked on viral pathogens, the main focus of my current work is bacterial pathogens and bacterial genomics. Model organisms of interest to me include arthropod-associated agents such as intracellular bacteria, but I am particularly interested in the zoonotic associations of Leptospira, for which I have participated in evolutionary and infection dynamics studies. My ambition is to coordinate cutting edge multidisciplinary research that allows us to gain insight into these zoonotic microorganisms, and thus improve our capacity to fight the diseases that they cause.

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July 6, 2016
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https://doi.org/10.7717/peerj.2073 PubMed 27441106