Dimitri Ponirakis
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Dimitri W Ponirakis


I am a senior noise analyst and applications programmer for BRP. My main roles are developing tools and methods for noise analysis. I develop tools to process, analyze, model, and visualize acoustic data. Software development includes development of an Acoustic Ecology Toolbox to model the loss of communication space and masking of animal vocalizations from anthropogenic and abiotic sound sources. I am responsible for carrying out noise analysis on numerous projects from LNG terminal construction and operational activities off the East Coast, to seismic prospecting in the Arctic, to looking at the impact of cruise vessels in Glacier Bay National Park in the Pacific Northwest. Previous experience includes working for noise and vibration consulting firms, and assessing and researching the environmental impact of noise from transportation, industrial, mining and entertainment sources.

Animal Behavior Artificial Intelligence Biodiversity Computational Biology Computational Science Data Mining & Machine Learning Data Science Ecology Ecosystem Science Environmental Sciences Graphics Marine Biology Mathematical Biology Programming Languages Real-Time & Embedded Systems Science Policy Scientific Computing & Simulation Software Engineering Spatial & Geographic Information Systems Statistics Visual Analytics World Wide Web & Web Science Zoology

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senior noise analyst and applications programmer

Cornell University
June 2002
Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Bioacoustics Research Program

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